Our digital first strategy, and what that means for our customers.

Our digital first strategy, and what that means for our customers.
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Home moving is stressful at the best of times, so without doubt, the current lockdown and social distancing measures brought on by COVID-19 are making things even trickier. In this article we discuss how we ensure our customers have everything they need, at a time of most need. 

What’s changed at Gazeal since lockdown?

Usually, the team headed up by Bryan Mansell are situated in a lovely, airy office in the heart of Westminster, London. The well being and health of our team is a huge priority so we had all headed to work from our homes before the lockdown was even announced. We have people in Bristol, Ireland and The Lake District now! Apart from the aforementioned location switch, very little has changed from a productivity perspective and indeed, we realised very quickly that both the tech we use and the tech we provide is perfect for working from home.

So, what sort of tech is perfect for lockdown?

Without question things like Zoom and Slack have been intrinsic to our working from home strategy. In addition many of the operational processes and procedures we have in place allow our teams to be flexible during “normal” times too, so we were well prepared and had absolutely no interruption or disruption to our service. We have also begun to increase our activity online on social channels and blogs, just making sure that we are sharing as much useful information as possible as many people look for answers to questions non of us have faced before. 

What is a digital first strategy?

At Gazeal, as a Property Technology or “PropTech” company, it is imperative that we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to tech. From our Buyers Information Pack, to Legal Protocol Forms and Reservation Agreement’s right through to our round the clock support, everything can be done remotely and digitally. Our award winning platform is really easy to use on mobile, tablet or desktop and we have people available on the phone 12 hours a day for help and support. We also know that being digital first is great for the environment, so that played a big part in our planning. 

Full steam ahead then?

We have never been busier, as the uncertainty surrounding exchange of contracts, covid clauses and delayed completions hangs heavy over a whole host of movers; Gazeal are focussed on providing as much helpful advice to buyers, sellers and agents as we can. We are offering Reservation Agreements which can help secure transactions that are stuck between offer agreed and exchange. What’s more, we are helping on the market and new sellers and their agents get sale ready for when the market bounces back by completing fully digital Buyer Information Packs during lockdown; this is a really important task to get done during the next few weeks to make sure sales move quickly on the other side – and, it get’s better; we are doing that bit completely free of charge.

And, we are doing all this from the comfort of our armchair/kitchen table/balcony/spare room/garden!

If you need more information on anything in this article, or you are in the middle of, or thinking about moving and need some advice email info@gazeal.co.uk or Call 07388341820

Stay Well, Stay Safe 

Team Gazeal

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