9 ways to sell your home fast in a slow market.

9 ways to sell your home fast in a slow market.
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It often surprises people how long it actually takes to sell a home. In fact, on average in the UK, according to our friends at The Advisory it takes 210 days from the day of marketing to the day of moving. That time frame is further lengthened if we are in slow market or uncertain economic times. And with all that time, comes a lot of stress and chance of the sale falling through.

Here at Gazeal we have put together our handy guide to help you sell your home fast in a slow market.

Price to sell

Don’t always go with the highest Valuation; do your research, be honest with yourself about how your house compares to others on the market.

Make sure you have “Kerb Appeal”

First impressions really do matter. Whilst you do not need to do a full renovation, it is a good idea to tidy up that paintwork or clear those gutters before viewings.

Photography is everything

In the world of Instagram and “Property Porn” (yes that is a thing) the way your home looks online will dictate how quickly you get viewings. So make sure it is properly staged and really well lit. Part of your decision about how you choose an agent should be based on this. Check out their websites and how they make other peoples homes stand out.

Avoid  “We Buy Houses for Cash” Companies

Do we really need to say more?  You will likely end up severely and unnecessarily out of pocket

What makes your home stand out

Make sure you are really emphasizing the key features your home. Whether it is close to a school or has a large garden, whatever it is, make sure it is really and quickly visible in the marketing.

Wide variety of marketing

It’s a compete myth that the famous property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla sell properties. This is one tiny part of property marketing. A good agent should have a range of ways they plan to market your home. From targeted social media, to local mail drops – there is a plethora of things they should do. Make sure you find this out when they come to see you.

Be Legal Ready

Get all your legal paper work done early, in fact do it whilst your agent does the photos. This means less time wasted later, and your buyers can be more informed. Gazeal provide a free to use platform for you to do all this in.

Buyers Position

So, it might be tempting to go with the highest offer. But, always get your estate agent to do a thorough check into the buyers position. If they are in a long chain, you will not be moving fast! Cash buyers will be quickest (so long as funds are available!!). If your buyer needs a mortgage, get your agent to check what stage their application is at – and ask for proof.

Reserve your Sale

Part of the problem with the UK housing market is that buyers and sellers change their mind, for no good reason, and can pull out any time up until exchange. This leads to over 30% of sales falling through. To prevent this – a simple Reservation Agreement from Gazeal signed by both parties means that things run much more smoothly.

For more help to sell your home fast in a slow market, or to find a Gazeal approved agent in your town call 02077607582 or email info@gazeal.co.uk

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