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Trusted by thousands of Estate Agents across the country

Protect your Pipeline from uncertainty and get to Exchange Faster and Safer. 

No more difficult conversations with your clients. 

✅ No Gazumping and Gazundering

✅ No more renegotiating and delayed exchanges. 

Buyer and Sellers text conversation

Instantly Secure any Property Sale in 20 minutes

For a small refundable one-off payment sellers and buyers can guarantee a meaningful financial commitment to each other at the start of the sale. 

Stop your next sale from falling apart. 

Deliver a solution your clients actually want and need. 

No more renegotiating and delayed exchanges. 


Instantly Reserve any property by filling out our online form. 

Use it on any sale, at any time.

No Gazeal integration is required. 

No fees or contracts for your agency. 

Here's how it works...

Firstly, chat with us or call our Reservation Hotline.
And then, provide Seller and Buyer information.
Finally, Reservation is issued within 20 minutes.

You have three ways to order a reservation instantly...


Reserve a property using Live Chat.

Chat with us live now, bottom right of the page.



Reserve a property using an online form.

Fill out the form with contact information and the property sale details, and our team will issue a reservation within minutes. 

Reserve a property

Call our Reservation Hotline 020 7760 7582

Call us by 5 pm and have your reservation sorted and in place the same day.



Free Forever. As long as you hustle. No credit card required
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What Great Looks Like...


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Highly Rated by Home Movers and Estate Agents. 

Gazeal approved Agent

"I have now used Gazeal a number of times and can admit, that without them a sale would have fallen through without the reservation agreement and support of Gazeal"

Scott Donovan

"We wanted to make our bid stand out from the crowd, so we offered to enter into a Gazeal Reservation Agreement, which would therefore give the seller the assurance that we would go ahead with the purchase and us the assurance that they would go ahead with the sale - anyone who has bought a house before is likely to have experienced the frustration of the deal falling through, and we wanted to guarantee that no-one would be wasting their time or spending money unnecessarily with their solicitors."

A C Somrset

"The team at Gazeal are amazing, Gazeal is the way forward in UK agency. For 30 years I have waited for conveyancing to improve-agents
need to embrace Gazeal and drag conveyancers kicking and screaming into the present"

Shaun Adams

"Since partnering with Gazeal. I've seen a significant improvement in the speed and accuracy of our transactions. The platform has helped us to reduce the risk of failed transactions, and has given our clients greater peace of mind throughout the process".

Alex Knight

Received positive coverage in both industry and national press including Forbes and Daily Mail.

Industry awards