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Trusted by Thousands of Agents across the country

Market Leaders in Upfront Information Packs Since 2019

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Since 2019, Gazeal has produced over 10,000 Upfront Information Packs helping thousands of Agents and Home movers.
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In January 2022, Gazeal and National Trading Standards worked together to find out that 91% of Agents want Upfront Information Packs to be Mandated. 
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In November 2023, Trading Standards published full Material information guidance for Agents. All Agents must be compliant in 2024.
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Material Information Mandatory for Property Listings.

✅Be compliant with all regulations immediately. 

✅Save time on admin and avoid unnecessary stress.

✅Avoid the risk of fines and prosecution.  

Compliant in 3 simple steps


Material Information

Frequently Asked Questions


What is "Material Information" in property listings?
Material information is essential details that the average buyer needs to make an informed decision to view a property. It includes both positive and negative information, such as asking price/rent, deposits or tenure, council tax banding, physical characteristics, utility information, parking, building safety issues, restrictions, flooding or coastal erosion risks, planning permissions, accessibility adaptations, and mining issues.
What are the Material Information that Sellers need to provide?

The material information fields for sellers, as outlined in the document, are as follows:

  1. Title Deed to the property

  2. Lease or leases

  3. Council Tax bill/ Domestic Rates bill (NI)

  4. Details of your utilities: Electric, Gas, Water, Broadband, Sewerage

  5. Details of and issues with mobile coverage

  6. Parking availability

  7. Mortgage or insurance availability

  8. Whether the property has flooded in the last five years

  9. Details if your property is at risk of coastal erosion

  10. Details of building safety issues

  11. Details of previous flood events

  12. Mining information

  13. Planning permissions which could affect your property

  14. Property accessibility adaptations

These are the material information fields that sellers should provide to property agents to ensure transparency and informed decision-making for potential buyers.

How do I collect all this information?

You don't have to. Gazeal will collect all this information from your Seller and other sources and create a Material Information Sheet for you to use on portals and share with potential buyers. 


Find out how you can get Compliant Immediately.

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